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The Story of Liberty
A Biblical study of the history and heart of human libertyLearn when and where men first yearned to be free. Discover the Biblical roots of the heart for liberty. Gain insights into the American Revolutionary War Discover comparisons between the Revolutionary War and events which are recorded in the pages of the Word of God. Find applications for personal liberty This book seeks to learn from the Bible and history and make personal applications any Christian may use in daily Christian living. Discover limitations to liberty Liberty is sometimes best surrendered. Discover from God’s Word the appropriate times to fight for liberty and when it is most Biblical to surrender liberty for something greater.
His name is Jesus, The answer is Christ
Whatever the problem, the answer is Jesus Christ • The answer is not a church program • The answer is not a new movement • The answer is not political revival • The answer is not a new and better economy The answer is Jesus Christ. Find fresh insights about Jesus Christ Discover in Jesus truths about God and how He changes life. Find applications for personal victory Regardless of the situation, Jesus Christ provides hope and help. Discover the difference Jesus Christ makes in life.
The Foot of the Cross
It was the most remarkable day in mankind's history! God, who became flesh and dwelt among man, now hung on the Roman government's most cruel form of capital punishment, a cross. Though His accusers could find nothing for which He was guilty still they had agreed; He must die. Though Pilate, the Roman governor whose duty it was to maintain peace in Israel had found no fault in Him, he only washed his hands of the affair and let the Sanhedrin have their way. And multitudes of people were on hand in Jerusalem to observe this destiny changing affair. What was their reaction? And, more importantly, what might we learn from them? INSIDE THE CITY Imagine the thousands of people in Jerusalem the day Christ died. What were they doing and thinking? THEY PARTED HIS GARMENTS The soldier’s business was crucifixion. Could anyone be so cold? TWO OTHER WITH HIM There was the dubious distinction of dying alongside Him. Could there be hope for them? THE PEOPLE THERE Executions were public events. This one was no exception. THE CENTURION’S WITNESS An honest officer makes his observation. Truly this was the Son of God. THE RELIGIOUS Is religion a help or hindrance in matters concerning Christ? FAMILY FRIENDS FOLLOWERS The shocking death of a loved one and what it meant to them.
Someday, The Blessed Hope
I became a believer in the late 1970’s. It was a time when Christians spoke a great deal about prophetical subjects. There was a sense of urgency among Christians. We believed Jesus could come again at any moment. We spoke about it. We talked to unsaved people about it.We used songs, books and visuals to strike up those conversations to tell others about Jesus and to encourage them to be saved. We believed it to be a blessed hope. We prayed for it and, though I do not believe a lot of us were any more spiritual than most of us are today, the subject of Jesus’ coming again was on our minds.These days the average Christian might still believe in the soon return of Jesus but it’s just not fashionable to make must of a big deal about it. I’ve even heard well known pastors complain about singers who sing too much about heaven.In a day when it is blasé’ perhaps, it seems that much more important to produce material on the subject of the soon, imminent and pre-tribulational rapture of the believers and of the Lord’s soon coming.
The Flesh and the Spirit
Right around that time, the news agencies began reporting about the Chinese coronavirus. I did not give it much more than a passing thought. I was aware of it but that was about it. February, we had a very difficult experience in our church, one of just two like it in the years of my ministry. A man in the church rose up against my family. We’ve had people grow upset and leave. It has only been twice that someone has chosen to stay and fight us. I accepted that as an answer to my prayer for breaking.March began our Faith Promise missions emphasis. I remember the second week. I picked up our guest preacher at the airport. He’s up there in years and I was a bit concerned that the cough I had might be the virus we were hearing more and more about. The following Sunday we took our guest preacher to a restaurant for lunch. By that evening restaurants were closed. By the next Sunday we were not allowed to open our church’s doors to any more than a three-man team. I have fully embraced what has transpired as an answer to my midnight prayers. My only fear has been, and continues to be, that we will waste the opportunity for God to work a revival in us.April arrived and so did the occasion to begin my study of Romans eight and the subject of the flesh and the Spirit. I could not have known at the time that the Chinese coronavirus, and then the riots surrounding the death of George Floyd, would provide a laboratory to test whether we walk after the flesh or the Spirit.