Discipleship The following books have to do with various aspects of discipleship, growing in christ
A Parent’s Faith How Moses’ Parents Walked by Faith
How Moses’ Parents Walked by Faith Learn how to Defend and protect your children This world is not an easy place to raise children for the Lord. Our kids need protection. Develop and nurture our children God gives us the wonderful responsibility to raise our children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord. Discharge and release our children to the Lord’s care Parenting may be the toughest test of our faith. Especially when God tells us to let go.
As For Me and My House
Devotional time is one of the most important aspects of the Christian walk. A Christian may be faithful to church, faithful to witness, faithful in his work and in his relationships but, without a consistent devotional life his relationship with the Lord will lack and he will know it.The trouble is, a meaningful devotional life escapes many Christians. This simple book is meant only to offer some suggestions to help build a consistent and fruitful devotional experience.
Building Up Yourselves, A Guide for Personal Devotions and Spiritual Growth
How To Maintain a Faithful Walk with God? Consistent, regular, daily visits with God are key to growing in the faith. This book offers suggestions to maintain that faithfulness. How To Connect a Walk With God to Ministry to Others Christianity cannot be lived in isolation. This book offers ideas to turn the Christian walk into a ministry to others. How to Grow in Thankfulness to God and Man This book gives suggestions for recognizing the ministries of the Lord and others on our behalf.
Devotional Notes Through Galatians
The notes in these pages are the product of many years of regular Bible reading and study. These notes are devotional in nature and not intended to be exhaustive. My process is simple. As I read my Bible daily, I ask the Holy Spirit to draw me to some passage for meditation through the day. Trusting that I am led of the Lord, I do a brief study of the passage that sparks my interest.Having spent years doing this, I have collected a number of these devotional thoughts for every book of the Bible. I trust these devotional notes through the book of Galatians will be of help to you as you seek to know the Lord and His Word more thoroughly.
Five Ways to Improve Your Marriage, Helps for the Couple in Love
Simple Ideas to keep your marriage on track Learn how to strengthen your marriage from divorce, separation or other blocks a happy relationship. Ideas for the husband to make his wife feel precious Easy to read and do. Find within these pages simple ideas any husband can do to improve his relationship with his wife. Ideas for the wife to be a true helpmeet Men need their wives. Find here ideas the wife may use to strengthen and build up her husband. Ideas for the couple together Simple ideas, easy to read, to keep love up front and marriage happy.