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A Little reviving Ezra
2020 came and I began to pray for reviving. I can’t say I know why, but I began waking up around midnight each night to pray that God would give us “a little reviving.” One night, around the middle of January, I said to God in one of those midnight prayer meetings, “Whatever you need to break in us that we might see a little reviving, I give you permission.”Wow, I could have never guessed how God would answer that! 2020 has provided us, not only with the normal things everyone has been dealing with such as: COVID-19, assembly restrictions, economic troubles, and a massive shift in political perspective in the United States of America, we’ve gone through some trouble in the church and some turmoil in the family. God is good and He has brought us through to 2021. I still long to see, a little reviving.
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