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A Christmas in Bethlehem The Book of Ruth
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In 1984 my little family, consisting of myself and my wife, who was pregnant with our firstborn son, moved to Astoria Oregon. I had heard of two families in the city who were praying for someone to come plant a New Testament Baptist Church. The evening we arrived in town, I met two others. While all four families would have said they were independent, fundamental Baptists, they were as different as night and day. One of those families in particular held to doctrinal positions that were strange to me and the rest of us. They derived those doctrines, to a large extent, from some typology out of the book of Ruth. For that reason, the little book of Ruth has always held a fascination to me. It is a wonderful account. It is a precious portion of the Word of God. It is profitable for our study. But it is not what those folks believed it to be. I think the real profit of the book of Ruth is the message of Christ. I trust you will find the results of my studies a help and a profit in your own relationship with Jesus Christ.
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