Sermon Series
The Sin Chronicles, Being Honest With Sin
The major sins of the Old Testament teach us much about our own sin problems; and how Christ solves them. Each chapter was originally a sermon preached at the church I am blessed to pastor.
First Things First, A Study in Our Fundamental Faith
The Main Lessons of the Bible Spelled Out Seven doctrines clearly explained in thirty one chapters The basic tenets of our Christian faith root us and ground us as believers. They serve as the starting block upon which spiritual growth takes place. Miss these doctrines as your foundation and the building of your faith will be fragile, if not false. The Doctrine of God The Bible does not explain God’s existence but clearly proclaims it. Who is He and what is He like? The Doctrine of The Bible Everything we know comes from the Bible. Can we trust it? Where we get it? Has it been spoiled through the many printings? What about all of the translations? The Doctrine of Eternity Heaven and hell; are they real? Who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? Can we be sure we will go to heaven? The Doctrine of Christ !00% man and 100% God; Christ is the unspeakable gift. Come to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The Doctrine of the Church How important is church to the Christian? Must we belong to a local church to go to heaven? the Doctrine of Man How did we come to be? What is our purpose? Where will we go when we die? The Doctrine of Last Things Does the Bible tell us what will happen in the future? How do we know it is right?
Glory to the LORD
First done as a series of messages preached in the church I pastor, this book explores the word glory as it is found throughout the Word of God. Addressing the subjects of the glory of man, the glory of God, warnings against seeking glory, the right sort of glory and the wrong sort. You'll go from Genesis right through to Revelation and see from the Bible practical applications.
In Thy Light, I See Light
A study through the Bible on the subject of light: It's roots in Christ It's portraits in the Old Testament It's place in the New Testament Church and her members
The Pursuit of Happiness
The founders of the United States called it an unalienable right. What is happiness, or the pursuit of it? Find answers in the Bible Discover eternal truths concerning happiness, joy and a contented life. See happiness in a whole new light. The Bible sheds light on all of the most important topics of our life. Doesn’t it seem reasonable it can give you the tools to pursue real happiness?
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