Survey Titles These books are survey style studies
The Prophets in Perspective
This book is an attempt to reconcile each of the prophets with the time in which they lived, the kings who were on the throne and their contemporaries in the ministry. The book concludes with a more extensive look at the final three prophets and their relationship to the doctrine of the coming Messiah.
Especially the Parchments, A Survey Message on Every Book of the Bible
I first began the series of messages that make up this book in the early 1990's. Our church's Bible Institute was doing very well but I had difficulty finding the types of materials I wanted to teach our students. There were Bible survey books available to be sure. None were the sort I was looking for, something that would give a survey rather than a lot of detail, and something that would be devotional at the same time. It was during those days I began preparing and preaching these messages. It is my prayer that the form and style of the book will be inspirational and helpful to you and you get a glimpse in the Bible as a whole.
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