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The Man God Uses Oswald J Smith
This book was written nearly one hundred years ago. Oswald J Smith will bring conviction to your soul and deepen your spiritual life with God.The man God uses is no ordinary and casual Christian. Chapters include: The birthday prayer, The man God uses, The separated life, The supreme test, and The victorious life.The book is open source now. I have printed this book to help our church and other believers to be used of God.May God bless it abundantly
The Revival We Need Oswald J Smith
Five years ago there came into my life a spiritual experience that revolutionized my work, and resulted in a Ministry characterized by some of the manifestations that usually accompany Revivals.It was in this atmosphere that these messages were born; and while the writing of them has occupied the five intervening years, they but breathe the spirit that then prevailed.May God through them reveal this His servants the shallowness apparent in so much of our Modern Evangelism, and turn them to that deep and abiding work of the Holy Spirit which will alone stand the test of divine fire!Oswald J. SmithToronto, 1922
When The King Comes Back Oswald J Smith
Certain individuals may be found in both, composed of that small band of outstanding leaders of evangelical Christianity, who, through many years of abundantly fruitful ministry, of nights of prayer, and weeks and months of preaching, through their great passion for missions, and intimate knowledge of world conditions, are able to express mature convictions regarding the significance of the prophetic Scriptures. The author of this small book now offered to the public, certainly belongs in both of these last-named classifications of writers.
The Travels of True Godliness Benjamin Keach
I found this book on a foray into electronic books in the public domain and quickly fell in love with it for its imagination as well as clear teaching. In a style similar to Pilgrim's Progress, Keach takes you on a journey with true godliness, pointing out its many enemies and some of the obstacles we all face in hosting this cherished guest in our lives.
How To Prepare Your Own Big Game Save Hundreds of Dollars Gary Kitchen
Written by a man who has professionally cut and prepared thousands of animals. Save Hundreds of dollars. Field dressing Cooling Aging Boning Cutting Wrapping (Authored by Marvin McKenzie’s dad.